OperationsThe science club hosts a bakesale every year to raise money forthe state robotics competition,This year the club earned $20more than twice what it earnedlast yearLet x represent the amountraised last yearWhich two words in this problem tell you what operation will be in the algebraic expression? What do they mean?

Accepted Solution

Answer:More ThanStep-by-step explanation:According to the given statement:This year the club earned $20  more than twice what it earned  last year. Let x represent the amount  raised last year.The two words in this problem which tell us about the operation are "More Than" This year club earned $20 more than than twice it earned last year. This means, to find the earnings of this year, double the earnings of previous year and add 20 to them.Since, x represents the earnings of last year, we can represent the earnings of this year as:Twice of x + 202x + 20